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Amy's life was changed at the age of 14 when she accepted the grace of salvation through Christ.  "Everything changed for me, it was like someone turned on the light to the a library of knowledge and the Lord stepped in." From that point, she became empowered to spread the gospel to those God put in her path. 


Amy married her high school sweetheart at age 18 and eventually had 4 beautiful girls whom she homeschooled throughout the past 20 years.  During her adult life, she has been an advocate for her friends, a leader in small group Bible studies and an active member of her homeschooling communities.  

After experiencing the pain of divorce after 24 years of marriage, She set off on a mission to understand "Why".  Through daily prayer and digging into the Word of God,  she now understands more clearly now the dangers of Pornography addiction, what it does to its victim and how it affects the family. This sin leads you to a dark place that affects your soul, the place where God lives in you. It is a sin that invades the heart and torments it's victims with guilt and condemnation.  

If losing a spouse (whom she loved), her home and her income weren't enough, soon after the divorce,  One of Amy's daughters became deathly ill. The next five years were spent fighting; fighting to advocate for her daughters care, fighting to heal from the divorce, and fighting to figure out how to now be the sole provider for her family.  She went to school online, listening to books on recording while driving to Dr. appointments and reading and studying during middle of the night Emergency room stays.  In 2017, she earned her BS in Behavioral Health.  The day she graduated,  she met Alexis Olguin, a graphic designer.  She knew this wasn't by accident, so she stepped out in faith and began illustrating and publishing  the books you see now.  She knew she couldn't go to her grave having done nothing to prevent this from happening to other families.  She  had to do something to help children understand just what porn does to a person, and to a family before they get introduced to this enemy.  

Now, she is on a mission to spread the word.  She speaks about God's goodness during her grief and how still keeps her moving through her daughters hospice journey.  She speaks out against pornography, making it known to all she can that there IS something we can do to help our kids.  Talking to our kids about the dangers of pornography hasn't helped.  She is excited to offer real conversation starters that will help solidify truth in the Childs mind well before they stumble upon pornography.  

Please consider inviting her to come and talk to your group, or to help train your team on how to use these wonderfully engaging books with their families.