Have you ever wondered if you are doing all you can to give your kids all that you can when it comes to protecting their minds and hearts?  Gender Identity, Pornography, Addictions, childhood molestation are all serious problems facing our families today.  We can make a difference! These trainers help you teach the way God teaches us about difficult issues.  These books give you an opportunity to teach the lessons many times over in a fun and disarming way.

   These books are parent read books and are written in poetry form  to help the parent choose how much information is given and when the child is ready for a deeper lesson. These books teach good boundaries with others and help develop your Child's identity in God's truth. 

       Intentionally giving our children armor with which they can stand against and not be consumed by the culture is the goal.  Let's get these truths from the head to the heart!  My hope is that kids will grow up having the skills needed to maneuver through middle childhood and adolescence, fully prepared to face the world in front of them. 

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