Do you know what the public schools are teaching?

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Fighting for the Kids!


“The Matthew XVIII Group -A Purity Paradigm for Our Nation, Churches and Homes” began over 20 years ago when founder Audrey Werner, former sex educator, was working in a STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease)/HIV Clinic. She was noticing a disturbing trend: the more sex education children received, the earlier they were becoming sexually active. This prompted Audrey to ask: How long has sex education been around or when did it begin?, Who developed sex education?, and What was the intent of sex education? She found that sex education was designed based on the data gathered by Alfred Kinsey, considered the father of the sexual revolution, who interviewed pedophiles that had raped 100’s of children. He then came up with the phrase, “Children are sexual from birth,” which in his eyes meant that sex between children and adults was not harmful. Officials from Planned Parenthood, the world leading abortion provider, and those hired by the pornography industry helped develop sex education with the intent of sexualizing kids. Given the rising teen pregnancy and STD rates, as well as the rise in sex abuse of children, it is time to question sex education, both Christian and secular, as they have the same root. Audrey has traveled across the country speaking to parents group and church leaders regarding the origins of sex education and how parents can communicate the life process in a modest way. Audrey is the author of the book, 10 TIPS ON HOW NOT TO TALK TO YOUR KIDS ABOUT SEX.

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