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Gender Identity, Pornography Addiction, Drug and Alcohol abuse, childhood molestation, all serious problems facing our families today.  Talking to our children about these issues isn’t easy, and it isn’t enough.  Being concerned without action doesn’t help our kids.  “Train Up A Child Ministries” seeks to bring these issues to light and help you as the parent start the prevention process early.   This book series is written in poetry form and is meant to help the parent choose how much information is given and when the child is ready for a deeper lesson.   


Intentionally giving our children armor with which they can stand against and not be consumed by the culture is my goal.  My hope is that kids will grow up having the skills needed to maneuver through middle childhood and adolescence, fully prepared to face the world in front of them.  Our society has a false belief that looking isn’t as bad as touching.  This is prevalent even in the church.   


Pornography/sex addiction destroys the family unit at the LEAST!!   I thought as a Christian, that it was a sin like any other, I thought working on your sin and confessing it each time was sufficient.  I didn't understand that sexual sin takes your mind and heart.   It is the only sin that affects your soul and the covenant we have with God!  The ease of finding porn on the internet and our lack of understanding is killing us.  Porn is dangerous.  Ted Bundy admits in an interview with “Focus on the Family” that porn is where his sickness began.  Porn can lead to marital affairs, risky sexual behaviors such as engaging with prostitutes, voyeurism, and even childhood molestation.  Does this scare you?  Well, I hope it does!  It isn’t enough to just hope and pray that our families are safe.  Let’s do everything we can to protect the next generation!


Please consider sharing this ministry with your friends/colleagues, ordering the books or making a donation to the ministry.  Your order or donation will help us get these books into the hands of families.


I want to get the word out!    Ask me to share my story!   I am now a single mother of 4 girls after 24 years of marriage.  After my divorce, I began to dig into the word to understands God's Character and why He teaches that sexual sin is so deadly. 


I am very thankful for the time I had raising my girls and being married. The death caused by this sin is devastating.     God’s provision for me has been miraculous and the things I continue to learn have been my saving grace.  God has been faithful, but this wasn't God's best for us, and I don't want it to happen to yours. If you want more information,  Please  contact me through the website or by email at  

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Single parenting 4 girls alone, after nearly 24 years of marriage has been difficult enough.  My daughter Kaile developed a rare disease in 2015.    She is on a 24 hour feeding tube and is now fed through her veins  due to dysmotility of her whole digestive tract. She lives in constant pain on a daily basis and keeping her fed, hydrated and alive is a primary focus.  Our life is full of doctor visits, hospital stays, researching theories, dealing with insurance and scouring the internet for someone in the country that may be able to help.     Want to keep up with Kaile?