Train up a child, prevention molestation
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Parenting Guide

This essential Parent Guide helps you to teach your child God's truth and helps you to understand the important scriptures that will help you raise your child up with a solid foundation.  This parent guide contains "Stats and Stories", "What to Teach" as well as small excerpts from each book to guide you. 


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God's Holy House

This book is a intended to teach your child that the body is a holy temple and how to deal with situations of molestation.  The book is meant to be a guide for parents to help instruct and inform.

Training up a child, preventon and protection from gender Identity confusion, homosexuality, lesbian and gay, lgbt

I know You Are..

.But What am I??

Gender Identity is an important social issue of the day.  This book is to be used as a tool to help solidify God's truth in your child's mind while teaching care for those who believe differently.

The Foolish Son

Unfortunately, our children are being hit at all angles with serious temptation that can entangle them for life.  This book helps children understand the repercussions of a life filled with foolish choices.   

Training up a child, preventon sexual addiction, gender identity, homosexuality, lgbt,

God's Plan For Me​

This book is meant to reinforce the idea that God created each of us with a plan in mind.  It touches on all issues of self identity and self worth.  This book deals with the reality that we have an enemy that wants to steal that plan and cause confusion.  

Train up a child in the way they should go, training in wisdom,  wise choices

The Wise Son

 This is a depiction of a son who makes wise choices, lives his life well, trusts God and stays in relationship with the Lord.  This book is the counterpart to the Addiction book, using the same characters and background to make clear that your life is a choice, and your outcomes are dependent on your behavior.