TBT Ministries Inc. is a Non-Profit 501C3!


     Train up a child ministries.com operates separate from  TBT Ministries Inc. (Truth Be Told)  While train up up a child ministries is a source of educational materials, TBT provides funding that allow me to continue  educating parents and offering books and services to those requesting.   


TBT is a non-profit seeking to educate the community on the Biblical truth about the dangers of sexual sin.  Society seeks to teach our children early that gender issues and homosexual behavior is normal.  The Bible teaches that sexual sin affects the very Holy Temple where God lives.  

All funding is dispersed and given an account of by a board of members and an account is given of all funding.  

Please help us to teach truth and teach it early.  Our kids are being targeted and they will be targeted as bigots at some point if they hold to Biblical teaching.  We need help building in them a strong foundation early. 


Thank you for giving!  Now, your gift is tax deductible! Even giving a small amount monthly will go a long way! 

Tax Deductible Donations can be made Online or

Mail to:

TBT Ministries

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