Train up a child, protecting children molestation

God's Holy House

Authored by Amy Norris 
Edition: 1

God's Holy House was written to help parents talk with their children very clearly about childhood molestation.  More than that, the book speaks from the authority of God.  The book and the scriptures, teach His character and His desire for your child.  


 The pictures in the book are purposeful in teaching that each person is special and that the body is to be treated with the utmost respect as it is holy and created fearfully and wonderfully. 
The book gives specific direction on how to handle the lies of a molester and who to tell if it were to ever happen to them. 
Unfortunately, this is a reality that we as parents must face in order to equip our children for their future. 

Train Up a Child Ministries is dedicated to the protection of children through prevention education concerning social issues of the day. Issues such as Addiction, Pornography, Molestation, and Gender ID are just a few of the issues that our children will face in this new age. 
These books are written so that you can discuss hard topics with your children at an early age. 
It is my hope that these books will establish a foundation of the truth of God in the hearts of each child so they can stand against the lies they will encounter over their lifetime