Train up a child, prevention gender ID confusion, homosexuality prevention

I Know You Are But What Am I ??



Authored by Amy J Norris 

Confusion is prevalent among today's youth. More and more society is veering off the track of truth and exchanging it for confusion and lies based on a person's given emotions. This book helps the parents to combat societies pervasive ideologies and helps you as the parents provide a solid and stable foundation in the truth of God's Word. 

This book opens the door to discusses gender identity and homosexuality.  The book is intended to help you, the parent, teach God's truth about who we are and how we should treat and care for others who don't believe as we do.  This book address bullying no matter what someone believes.  Bullying anyone is always wrong.  This trainer teaches children to surround themselves with friends who encourage each other in the ways of God.  The book is written gently, and it is up to you as the caregiver to decide how deep to take the lesson. There is a short parent guide as well as scripture reference in the back of the book to help you as you talk with your child.