Kaile came home from College February of 2015.  She was increasingly unable to hold food down and doctors were unable to find a cause quickly.  Since then she has been diagnosed with Gastroparesis, intestinal dysmotility and dysautonomia and MALS... Along the way, we have been blessed with so many loving and caring people.  

There is no cure for Gastroparesis. It is a day in and day out chronic illness that causes, vomiting, bloating, pain, nausea among other symptoms.  Those with dysautonomias have a more difficult time controlling the illness due to their erratic autonomic nervous system.


 Currently Kaile is on hospice due to her inability to tolerate tube feeds or TPN due to over a dozen bouts of sepsis in 2017.  Recently, she has stabilized somewhat and she enjoys some quality of life.  She cooks and gardens when she feels able.  Thank you for prayers.