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That's ok Ya Know...Cause I care....

Well, I am hit hard with both discouragement and encouragement. Which one to believe. I woke up today asking the Lord to guide my steps and to give me wisdom on how to get the message out. That's when I got a phone call. It was a lady who ran a marketing group I am a part of. She was a bit harsh regarding my recent share. It was harsh enough that words were few, in order to finish the conversation without crying. I asked for wisdom. I know her heart, so I listened.

You ever met someone that was as useless as already chewed gum…well now you have. At least that is how I feel right now. Today, I prayed for wisdom. I got it. The woman who called me, told me the message was too hard and she felt assaulted. She told me I needed to really pray and see if this is for sure the message God wanted me to carry and if I should go further with these books. She said she wondered if I should spend any more time on this, given I had already spent so much time on the books. She said that I should really pray about it and get confirmation if God wants me to carry this message. She digressed and just asked me to consider it. Then she asked me to remove the post from her website, because It was too offensive to post. I really could hardly speak, but I mustered up a Thank you. She said somehow, I needed to teach like Jesus teaches using stories, so maybe that is the wisdom I am to take. I have several story telling posts...two today in fact, but the one I posted on her page had some hard facts about porn and it's harm was just too harmful to take.

I have always known that what ever I have comes from the Lord, but I wonder often why I am here and what I am supposed to do next. I asked for wisdom, so I suppose I got it. I hung up the phone, cried and I prayed for protection over her family. I told her I was so worried about our kids, and that church people aren’t taking this seriously. Although stats show that over 60 plus people in the church have issues with porn, that no one is doing anything to change how they deal with it. We have to do something different. What she says makes sense, maybe I have to use more stories. I started an Uber posting this morning before she called...maybe this is what I need to stick with...less stats and more stories... random stories from other people's experiences.

Just after finishing up this post, I see my phone light up. It is an instagram post from one of my haters. He comments.... "no one cares". My spirit weeps a prayer.... and I whisper back..."That's ok.......Ya Know?..................................Cause I care." .

God Bless your family, I pray that they are fully protected and your family doesn't experience the pain other families have had to go through.

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