Helping you protect your child by teaching purity early!







and TRAIN your Child to KNOW God's Word!


Gently teach:


Gender Truths

Healthy Boundaries

God's plan for Covenant Love


The Parent Guide will help you to teach them WHY

The Readers will help them to understand the concepts

YOU will help them hold it in their heart!! is dedicated to helping you educate your children using God's Word, poetry and imagery.  These parent-read books gently teach the dangers of addiction, the truth about gender and helps your child develop  healthy body boundaries.  These tools are gentle and maintain the child's innocence on the subject matter.  They also promote parent/child relationships while establishing healthy, open communication.  Don't forget to check back... Training videos available soon to show you  how this program can work for your family!

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  • Parenting Guide (A Scripture filled guide to help you teach each trainer)

  • The Foolish Son (Helps your child recognize unhealthy behaviors and unsafe people)

  • The Wise Son (Helps your child recognize a healthy person and healthy relationships.)

  • God's Holy House (Helps your child protect their own body and boundaries.  Gods plan is protection.)

  • I Know You Are But What Am I (Helps your child know the truth about who they are and how God see's them.)

  • God's Plan for Me ( Teach God's plan for each of us in our God given birth identity, a plan and very special purpose.)

Please feel free to download the parent guide and pass it on.  Teens are the number one consumers of porn, and we need to make changes to how we teach.  The parent guide can help you as you share with those who do not know the Word.  I hope these become an avenue for you to share with your neighbors, and friends who do not know Jesus as well as with the ones who do.  Blessings!

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Training up a child early prevention sexual addictio

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Mission Statement


Preventing mental health issues by encouraging strong parent/child relationships and open communication.


Protecting by giving you tools to raise your child to be fully equipped to maneuver through adolescence,  protecting the mind, heart, body mind and soul using the foundational truths of God's Word.  


Preparing our kids for the challenges they will face and giving them the armor needed to stand firm in their faith while also preparing them to teach others along the way. 

Train up a child, prevention molestation

This book was written

to give our children the tools they need to not only protect themselves from predators, but also to teach them that their bodies are Holy and a gift to be treated with the utmost respect. It is my hope that this lesson continues to translate into those teen years.

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