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What ages are these books meant for?

These books are optimal for ages 3-7. From the earliest ages, the books are intended to teach the truth about God and develop a strong sense of identity. At an older age, the conversations should shift to more direct questions and explanations.

How do these books work?

This mnemonic method is meant to instill the message from the head to the heart. The poems and images are meant to spark meaningful conversations. Routinely reading the books and being intentional with conversation will prepare your child for this digital age.

Is it really important to start this early?

As a public and private school educator, teaching in this digital age has opened my eyes to the importance of being proactive to teach these fundamental truths. Statistics show that students are exposed to pornography by the age of 9. It is best that you teach them while they are still in these formative years.

Why do I need all six books?

They books work as an iterative process. Each book touches the next blending the conversations and giving the child a well rounded foundation of boundaries and Biblical truths combined with a strong identity.
The books teach how to recognize red flags and to tell an adult if something has occurred. They teach the consequences of wise and foolish choices. They also reinforce the truth of God's love and the truth about gender identity.