What We Stand For

Protecting Your Child's Heart and Mind


Preventing mental health issues by encouraging strong parent/child relationships and open communication.


Protecting by giving you tools to raise your child to be fully equipped to maneuver through adolescence, protecting the mind, heart, body mind and soul using the foundational truths of God's Word.  


Preparing our kids for the challenges they will face and giving them the armor needed to stand firm in their faith while also preparing them to teach others along the way. 

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Who We Are

TBT Ministries is dedicated to providing a safe environment for our children.    

Have you ever wondered if you are doing all you can to give your kids all that you can when it comes to protecting their minds and hearts? Gender Identity, Pornography, Addictions, childhood molestation are all serious problems facing our families today. Teens are the number one users of porn and our Church is no different.

I started this company because too many of our families have been torn apart due to adultery and other sexual sins. Sexual sin starts in the mind, and this why it is important that your child understands how their thoughts affect their life longterm, and how it can eventually effect their soul. 

We can make a difference! These trainers provide real resources that teach the truth about God's character, the truth about themselves, and the truth about the enemy is how we build the foundation. They give you an opportunity to teach the lessons many times over in a fun and disarming way.


Support Our Mission

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