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Holy Week

This week started off rough. I had a meeting with some irate parents on Friday who believed I was in the wrong for giving their son detention for repeated disrespect, disobedience and disorderly conduct. I felt very upset Monday morning and I really didn’t want to walk into that classroom. I sat in the parking lot at school feeling defeated and afraid. I wanted to turn around and go back home. I was tired, not just from the previous week but from life in general. I was disappointed with where my life had left me. Being divorced at 50 and just starting into the workforce, wasn’t exactly my plan for life. It didn’t seem good to me…or fair at all. I felt I had experienced my share of bumps and bruises and I wanted to be done.

I decided to call my co-teacher friend. She told me to take some time out and sit in the parking lot and pray and then come inside, it would be ok, I was just feeling anxious from the previous Friday.

I sat for a while and prayed, but soon, I got out of the car, gathered up my belongings, including all my hurts and disappointments and took them all inside with me. I didn’t want to carry them with me, I was tired from holding on to them, but I couldn’t seem to let them go and just be at peace. I could do it for a while, during prayer or during worship, but with all that was in me, I couldn’t seen to let them go.

My teacher friend came in to pay me a visit. She said something that caught me off guard. This is what I wanted to share today. She said, “This is the most Holy Week. Our savior had to drink a cup that He did not want to drink from. He asked that it be taken from Him, but He surrendered to the will of the Father. Then she said. “Shall we not drink from the same cup?”

It struck to my heart. I knew what she had reminded me was true. I felt something change in my spirit. I knew something had happened when she spoke those healing words. I wasn’t fully aware of it yet. I could have easily let it go, but I spent the next few days meditating on those words.

“Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given me?”These words continued ringing. Well, Can I then do the same? Is it too much to ask from me? Is that not what the Christian life is all about? I felt my soul surrender. I felt myself lay down all my own at the cross once again. This time, I felt an abiding supernatural peace.That seed of truth that fell on my weary and thirsty soul finally had taken root and given birth to a hope that does not disappoint. This is the good news! This is why He came! Happy Easter everyone!!

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