I woke up last night thinking about something. I have been shown recently new perspectives on the

story of Christ washing the feet of his disciples. Before, I had only ever seen this as a story of service, a physical act of outward service. Then, I found myself in the story as the one in need physically. I experienced what it was like to have your feet washed by someone else. I felt what it was like to need my feet washed. I felt what it was like to feel needy and helpless. I didn’t like it. I had only ever seen the story from the perspective of Christ humbling himself to bend and wash. I related to that. I was raised to do that. That part of me is like second nature. Serving helps me to feel like I am fulfilling my purpose, but being the one who needed something was humbling. It took my dignity. I was worried so much that others would just view me as some needy person and not as the person I used to be. This was a whole new level of humility. I still can’t say I am at ease with it.

Then, last night, I woke up with a new thought and I wanted to write it down while I still remembered it.

Stick with me. Jesus is the WORD. When we are washed by the WORD we are made free. The WORD, the TRUTH is what sets us free. We are the salt of the earth. We are salt because we are the carriers of His truth and love. When we no longer carry His Word, His truth and His love to others, we become unsalty and we are no longer useful. We are outside of Him and He is no longer in US. We need to Wash each other in the WORD of God, Speaking to each other in Truth and in Love.

If you love someone that is running down a wrong path, a fellow believer, or non-believer, it is our job to pray, and to look for opportunities to share the WORD and do what we can to stop it. It is the WORD that makes someone clean. When we are dirty and in need physically, we know it, but when we are dirty and in need spiritually, we are sometimes unaware, and we need to be each others foot washers. We aren’t the judge or the jury, it is just that if a brother who is living clean in the Word is able to see that another brother needs help, if he can see clearly to help, (and doesn’t have a LOG in his own eye) then he should help. If the brother doesn’t listen, then the foot washer should enlist the help of fellow believers or Elders to pray and to fast on his behalf and try again. We need to be Washed by Jesus, each and everyone of us. It is uncomfortable, it can be humiliating, so bear that in mind if you are the washer. It is a hard lesson to accept as the one that is dirty, but if done in love and if done with truth it will change the life of the one who is dirty, and oh how good it feels to finally feel CLEAN! Let’s encourage each other to remain CLEAN and live in the WORD of GOD

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