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The Grinch that Stole Easter!

That Grinch!!! OH He is at it again!! First Christmas, now Easter He tries to do in! Remember how he tried To steal boxes and bags And take all their treats And presents with tags! But now he has gone  Just too far indeed He won’t stop at anything He only thinks of his greed! This time he knows  He can’t take all the fun He has learned that this just isn’t  How it works, how it’s done… This time, He had learned something  he hadn’t really learned from before He had learned that Christmas didn’t come  from the gleam of a store. This time He will take Something more precious, more dear Especially since St. Nicolas  Sleeps this time of the year! So what could he take?  He started to think Maybe Something lilac he thought or yellow or pink!! So He took all their clothes! Their very Sundiest and best Then he took all  their bonnets  Flower dresses and vests He laughed and He thought About a devious plot He would keep them from meeting At their Church meeting spot! Everyone will stay home! In doubt and in fear! And I will not have to endure Their singing this year! And last but not least,  His last scheme and convection Would be to steal all the WIFI And internet connection! Well they won’t know what hit them!! They won’t know what to do They won’t have anyone to preach to them And they won’t have a clue!! Easter Day…now had come There was no one in town All the people in the city  Were no where to be found

He had done it! He thought They all had to stay in No more talking about Jesus  The cross or my sins! No more chatter  About love and raising from the grave Jesus being Alive And power to SAVE! He had done it by golly He had fixed it alright He had taken away  Their Easter in a one swoop of the night. And thats when it happened He sat straight up on his throne He heard a sound coming from Every house,  every home He had heard them sing louder Now even louder than before He puzzled and pondered And he puzzled some more How could it have come? Without dresses, without meetings How could it come without Handshakes and wifi and greetings? But it came just the same As it had come just before Only this time it came Without opening one single door.

See while they were home They had time to draw in They thought and they pondered  Their sin from within

They had time to really think About the gift of the cross And time to share Jesus  With a few friends who were lost And this Easter in fact  Had been more special indeed They had learned to seek God For He is all that they need!

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