Who does God forgive? It isn't for me to say...but here is what I see in the scripture. God does forgive and longs to see all of us in His communion. It is by God's grace that we allowed to even come near to Him and only Him who extends His hand of grace so that we may be saved He graces us with His presence giving us the ability to feel Godly sorrow, to understand our need for Him and to experience His love. This culture seems to use grace to as an opportunity to continue in sin without consequence. This creates offenders who use the idea of grace to their advantage and expecting grace without recognizing consequences or the need for repentance. The Holy Spirit gives us the ability to feel Godly sorrow, and when we turn from that sin, we experience His loving embrace. It is truly miraculous. God's is loving and all knowing, all forgiving, but His forgiveness does have requirements. Acts 2:38 "Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit." (Ill let you argue the baptized part on your own, although I have no idea why it is a point of contingency) It is the heart of Repentance that only comes with seeing a desperate need for God. Love has boundaries that actually help the offender to begin to understand there are consequences to their actions. Jesus understood this. He rebuked harshly the pious Pharisees who expected Gods blessing without offering their heart. To some he called dogs testing their humbleness. To some he called swine recognizing that some have no regard for the truth. Who did he show grace and favor to? Those who worked to seek him. The man who was let down from the roof. The woman who wanted healing from her bleeding so bad that she desperately pushed through a crowd of people to reach the tip of His garment, to Zacheius who climbed a tree to see the savior. Jesus had mercy on..not those who considered themselves "well", but on those who knew they were sick, and needed a savior.

So, lots of people feel shame and stay stuck in sin, Why? Recently, In my reading, I have come across Ezekiel 8. I believe the Lord was showing me the truth about porn and idol worship. Sexual addictions and idol worship involve cheating on God. Read more about this in the "Parenting Guide" on my page. These verses show the secret sins against God, but they also show the torment experienced when you fall into this pit. In the Bible, worms are often used as a symbol of torment, specifically the torment of guilt and shame. Porn is setting up an Idol in place of God. It is as if you are worshiping the devil himself and in doing so, you have invited these demons to torment you with guilt and shame. It isn't the sorrow that comes from the Holy Spirit, but from the pit. It is deceitful, full of lies and it keeps you from God, and pulls you down in the same hole again. It isn't just a sin, but a defilement of your heart and mind and keeps you from believing the loving truth of God. the truth, or the word, then how can you be saved? God doesn't live where Satan does. Sexual sin gives away God's rightful place. He will not abide with you. 1 Cor. tells us that one cannot drink from the cup of demons and the cup of the Lord at the same time. God says that when this happens, He will eventually give you over to your depravity. He has extended His grace to you, allowing the Holy Spirit to give you the ability to repent, but at some point, that ability to know how to turn and to repent may not available to you, even if just for a time. David, after committing His sexual sin and murder, didn't understand that he even did anything wrong. He was unable to repent, because He had become blind to what he had done. God will withdraw from us giving us an opportunity to return to wake up and return to Him. It isn't that God can't forgive you but it may be that you reach a point where you no longer understand that you even need it, or want it. You no longer have the ability to believe truth.

They say sexual sin is the hardest addiction to master. It is my heart that we teach our kids the truth about the dangers of this addiction and instead, build in them a healthy foundation of purity while they are young, while they are listening and before they are exposed to this deadly sin. Thanks for reading. Visit my website and order a set for someone you know. Recommended ages for teaching this material is 3-8. . #pornkills #pornkillslove #christianmoms #menagainstporn #godisstillgood #trainupachildministries

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